Bigger Results With Little Effort

Bigger Results With Little Effort
Published on Monday, August 26, 2013 by
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The basic resource that you are using is you time and if you want to gain bigger results, you will have to give more of your time to what you are doing. One of the first things I need to tell you is that you need to decide what direction your efforts will be aimed. I advise you to do things and work in a sphere which brings you great pleasure and satisfaction of what you achieve.

Here are a few specific advises for gaining bigger results:

1. Be focused.

Being absent-minded will not help you. Get rid of all things that distract you from your work – TV, radio, computer, other people in the room and so on. I am sure that you don’t realize what a great amount of time you waste on watching TV, useless surfing on the Internet or gossiping with other people. If you tight down those actions and concentrate instead on the task you are given, you will be able to finish your work by the dead line given. And every successfully finished task is a step to achieving a bigger purpose.

2. Limit the fun.

If you love going to the cinema or dancing every week, why not try and limit those events and try to distribute the saved resources and time for finishing tasks and aims. Thus, you will not only work peacefully while others are having fun, but you will also be able to take a longer rest and you will be fresh on the next morning. Don’t throw yourself about – you can never go to all the parties you are invited or to see all of your friends. Make up your mind about what your best priorities are and focus on them.

3. Get rid of your bad habits.

You might be wasting too much money on alcohol, cigarettes or buying useless things. You are probably even paying with your health for appeasing this habit of yours. Don’t you want to feel free? Don’t you want to have entire control upon your life, without having to be a slave of your habits? Don’t just get rid of your bad habit – replace it with something good and healthy like going to the gum or preparing healthy food.

4. Believe in yourself.

There are many people who do not believe in the success of what they are doing. They usually do something just because they are used to it. They do not devote their hearth and soul in what they do. Even worse – those people believe that it is actually very likely for them to fail The secret of success isn’t hiding in just working. We need faith, which will uphold us during trials and hard times and such that will motivate us to devote ourselves. If you are not sure for something, think it over and don;t start doing it if you are not sure that you will succeed. There is no meaning is “just try” – that is not the road to success, that it’s only the road to “wasting your own money and time”

Read these advises a few times and try to follow them. Even if you can only do one of these 4 points, that will surely improve the work you do and the results will be good. Start with choosing one point and work on it. Good luck!

Morgan Johnes knows a lot about self improvement. He improves significantly his work for since he follows these four tips.

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