Where Do Bodybuilders Get Steroids?

Where Do Bodybuilders Get Steroids?
Published on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 by
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Bodybuilders have been using steroids since the 1950s to gain muscle mass. Despite a 1990 federal law banning steroids for anything but their legitimate medical uses, bodybuilders still manage to discover where to get steroids. Bodybuilders are not the only athletes using steroids, a small percentage of athletes from high school to the professional level in every sport use steroids.

So where is everybody buying steroids? Some athletes have a prescription and buy steroids legally but few doctors are comfortable prescribing steroids, even for people suffering from impotence and delayed puberty, two legitimate conditions that result from a lack of testosterone. AA steroids are just altered, synthetic versions of testosterone.

Some bodybuilders illegally buy steroids from their trainers or from people they meet at gyms. This is dangerous as the DEA labels steroids Schedule III drugs, the same as morphine and some states have even stronger penalties than the federal government.

Where to get steroids and not get caught buying them has always been a major problem for individuals who don’t participate in body building at a professional level so they are not subject to testing. Body builders who participate at the professional level usually opt for oral steroids that cycle out of the body quickly. Injectable steroids are generally safer, but they stay in the body longer.

The safest place to get steroids is to visit a country where steroids are legal. In many Middle Eastern and Asian countries, steroids are legal. Thailand is a popular place for bodybuilders to go train if they want to use steroids legally.

Since going to train in another country is not feasible for most bodybuilders, people turn to mail order companies. It’s fairly easy to discover where to get steroids by mail. Sometimes customs will seize the package if they notice it is from a company or country known to sell mail order steroids and send the recipient a letter offering them the chance to challenge the seizure. Obviously, no one ever does challenge the seizure but reputable companies overseas will resend the shipment if it was seized by customs.

Buying steroids online is dangerous for anyone signing for the package. Most bodybuilders only buy steroids from companies that send packages that do not need to be signed for by the recipient. Sometimes federal DEA agents will try to trick the recipient into signing for the steroids so they can arrest him or her. This is more common in small towns where law enforcement officials are not as busy. In larger urban areas, small shipments of steroids for personal use don’t draw as much attention as people buying large amounts of steroids, which they would presumably resell.

Bodybuilders trying to find out where to get steroids have to carefully weigh the risks of getting caught and the possible side effects use against the benefits before deciding to use steroids or not.

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