Boots On The Ground

Boots On The Ground
Published on Friday, February 20, 2015 by
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Far too many are caught up in talking a good game or planning for the future – drawing up possible plans and contingency scenarios. But theres a time for talk and there’s a time for action. To achieve decisive victory tomorrow, you need direct engagement now. And theres nothing more direct or engaging in the gym as the bench, squat and deadlift. Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter or just a dedicated lifter looking to grow, these are your three most important lifts if you want to win the war against weakness. But victory cant be ultimately assured unless you have the right support in place – effective supply lines. To make gains, you need to train hard, eat big and avoid injury. So to grow’, you need to build both muscle and joint strength. For over a decade, Animal Flex has been providing effective joint support for lifters everywhere. Designed specifically for elite strength athletes and with more awards and accolades than any other joint product, you can put your trust in Animal Flex. So train harder and train longer. Win the battle and the war.

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