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rounded cartoonish look and it’s just not for me.”

They say that history can he our greatest teacher. This is reflected in Calum’s approach to training, which derives from a traditional mass-building method.

“Bodybuilding doesnt just start and end in the gym, Calum says.

“But if we’re talking training. I think compound exercises arc your bread and butter they worked all years and built world class physiques, so what’s stopping them from working today? They’re timeless.

Calum is also something of an instinctive trainee, knowing when to change things up. Even though you do the fundamentals, it is important to always change it up; you cant stay stagnant, you need to mix it up with supersets, partial reps, drop sets and be dynamic enough to trick the muscle into growing, Calum


won the International, which I did. He has always been the most supportive person in my bodybuilding career; he is very wise, very knowledgeable and extremely intelligent. I look up to him as a father figure, mentor and friend he creates opportunities and experiences and has built strong links overseas. He is the one that makes everything possible. When you have someone like Graeme Lancefleld in your life, why would you want to upset such a positive thing? The IFBB is very powerful and influential, have complete respect for them but for my physique, NABBA/WTT is the correct federation to compete with.”

Indeed, Calums uniquely crafted single biceps and ab combination pose was expertly taught to him by none other than Graeme lancefield. Graeme himself has referred to Calum as “the future of Australian bodybuilding* and “incredibly talented and gifted”.

Calum’s flawless physique is only matched by his personality, a very polite and respectful young man who is also maturely articulate beyond his years. Despite his immense size and increasing popularity, Calum is incredibly approachable and humble in his achievements; rare traits for someone whose star continues to rise.

Recently, his star was truly luminescent at the 2014 WFF Universe in South Korea, where he proudly represented Australia and was awarded a WFF pro card in addition to his overall Mr. Universe win. The experience was a profound one for Calum who spoke highly both of the host nation and the event. Winning the pro card was incredible and South Korea is a beautiful place,” lie says. They are so technologically advanced and it was probably the best bodybuilding show I have ever attended. This show was entertaining the whole way through, it was a great venue, a lot of money was put into it, the athletes were well catered for and it all wrapped up nicely by 7 p.m.”

Calum recalls one unexpected incident while sightseeing. “After the show, I went to the demilitarised zone, which is right on the border of North Korea, just being a tourist among tourists,” he says. “Miguel was filming for Mad Desire 3 [one of Calum’s video series, directed by Miguel Valezuela] and he suggested I take my shirt off to do some poses, to which I obliged; it all began with one small South Korean asking me for a photo before it snowballed and I got mobbed by 50 people! It was great fun and so nice to be so well received overseas.”

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