fan of supersets

fan of supersets
Published on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by
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Upersets are something the old Winklaar would never have done in the gym. But hes been converted into a fan of supersets for burning out his lats by alternating two types of pulldowns. one for width, one for thickness. First come a set of 10 wlde-grlp pulldowns, which can be done with a plain straight bar or one with handles on the ends. “When I pull down. I bow my elbows a little bit to the front so I can feel the connection in my upper lats better, but everyone is built slightly differently so you have to see what angle feels best for you he says. He immediately follows with a set of pulldowns using the V-bar handle, targeting his lower lats. I ask him how far one should lean back, since it seems to vary widely. I lean back about 30 degrees on this. If you stay upright, you’ll end up working biceps and shoulders, not lats. But if you lean back too far. you cant even feel your lats working.” Winklaar is convinced the wide-grip pulldowns

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