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Because flushing your biceps with blood helps prepare the triceps to maximize the benefit of their subsequent training, you’ll train biceps first in this routine.
Make sure you perform each exercise with good form, complete the full range of motion on every rep and pause for two seconds of intense, full contraction at the top of each rep. Rest time after each exercise in one giant set should be limited to the time required for you to move from one apparatus to another. The exception is the transition from regular to drag curls (exercises 1 and 2), because you’re already positioned to complete the second exercise immediately. Here, you can rest for 10-15 seconds.
After each complete giant set, take a minute or two (but no more) to shake out the pump and have a sip of protein before moving on to the next set. Complete a total of three giant sets (50 reps each), so your total rep count climbs to 150 by the time you’ve finished training bi’s. Then, after resting only long enough to take another sip of protein and shake out the worst of the pain in your biceps, you’ll have to dig deep to face tri’s.
Follow the exact same methodology, rep for rep and set for set with triceps.

As effective as this technique is to help you break through sticking points in muscle growth, sometimes giant-set training can become problematic. The fault is not with the training method, but rather it’s with the need to move from one exercise station to another within the 10-15-second time frame. Here are some unexpected delays you may run into at the gym and some solutions you may need to consider.
Gym is too crowded.
Do your best to schedule your sessions during quiet training times.
Too many trainers and not enough equipment.
Alternating the five exercises that make up each of your three giant sets with someone on the same program makes working out a breeze.
Having to wait in line for a bench or bar.
If on the rare occasion having to wait an extra minute becomes unavoidable, do another rep or two in order to hold the pump before moving on.

The road to your owning quality arms measuring 17 inches begins with your understanding two cardinal provisos.
1) Prioritization is your keyword for the next two months. For eight consecutive weeks, starting now, you must eat, sleep and live bigger, more muscular arms.
2) As you’re out to add size without the use of steroids (a method I’d never advise even if legally I could), you’ll need to utilize every aspect of your diet and training regimen to promote the maximum amount of muscle possible.
You must be sure to eat quality protein and carbs at every meal.
Getting enough rest to maximize muscle recovery between workouts (a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night) is also vital. You must also pay close attention to what your body is telling you. To gain every last quarter-inch of new muscle on your bi’s and tri’s,
your workouts must be intense — but not too much so. If you’re a born overachiever and find yourself too sore or exhausted to stay with the program, cut back, regroup and hit the iron hard again only when you’re fully recovered. Conversely, if you’re a high-energy type and the routine outlined leaves you capable of doing more without fear of injury or burnout, add an extra set and/or rep until your biceps say, no!
Avoiding activities that can sabotage all the hard work the routine demands of you is also a must. While alcohol, smoking, partying, even the heavy training of other bodyparts are out for the next eight weeks, smoking and regular alcohol consumption are out for life! Train other bodyparts at moderate intensity. However, because the barbell squat is such a good anabolic primer, you can do moderate to heavy squatting three or four days after arm training.

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