Kai greene

Kai greene
Published on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 by
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Do you agree that Phil Heath should have won his fourth Sandow in a row (and the 275K that went with it)?

JB: I think it could have gone either way between Heath and Kai Greene. Kai beat Phil in a number of mandatory poses, but Kai’s antics at the prejudging destroyed any chance of a victory for him. Also, while it shouldn’t he a factor, Kais appearance with the hair distracts from his chances of winning.

LT: I agree it was close but feel that Headi’s overall superiority in the flow of his physique will always give him the edge over Greene and the rest of todays contenders. I think some theatre may have been added to both the press conference and the prejudging. As far as Kais hairstyle goes, any hair looks great to me. Phil may not have been at his best, hut he was good enough straight ones from the judges.

|B: That is true; the champion eidier has to be way oft or a challenger vastly improved. Phil has been better, for sure, hut at the same time nobody looked noticeably improved. And some, like Roelly Winklaar and David Henry [in the 212], were way olF.

LT: I agree on both counts. Heath’s best look remains 2011, when he first took the crown from Jay Cutler. He was not as sharp as in the past but definitely good enough to retain the title. However, we both watched the shows on the webcast, and seeing it in person might have given us a different perspective.

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