publisher’s letter

publisher’s letter
Published on Monday, June 15, 2015 by
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No regrets

The Thing about going to the

gym is, you never regret it once you’re there. No matter how cold and miserable those mornings are, as they have been this winter, once you step over the threshold of the gym’s door, all that melts away. You’ve made it now and there’s no sense in turning back. It’s like they say: the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do.

When we’re feeling a bit of the winter blues, it s good to have a plan of action to keep us pointing in the right direction. Having a step-by-step guide to growth is a comforting thing. If you set a plan to rise at 6 a.m. to get that workout in, you’ll make it happen – no matter how comfy that warm bed at that time of day. If you have a strategy in place to reach your goals, whether it’s to put on muscle or lose body fat, it’s much easier to stick to.

With that in mind, our articles in this issue ’10 Keys to Maximising Your Workouts’ and ‘4 ForgottenMass Building Exercises should be the ideal prescription for those temporarily lacking in direction. And in’ From Struggle to Strength’, Roger Lockridge explains the concept of staggered sets’. It’s a set plan to bring up your lagging body parts.

We also go back to the days of US Iron Mon founder Peary Rader in Rack Attack’, where Mike Mahler talks about Rader’s old-school method

of forging size and strength. Plus, the always-provocative Darren Vartikian returns this issue with ‘To Stretch or Not to Stretch?’

His answer might surprise you.

Theres coverage on the massive INBA Brisbane Classic from page 132. which included more than 460 competitors across two days. In a similar vein, former Mr. Natural Olympia John Hansen talks about being motivated to compete in his Naturally Huge’ column, while our resident comp prep expert Ingrid Barclay offers an FAQ on all things comp in ‘Body Conquest’.

If you’re in need of some winter motivation, look no further than these pages.

So don’t let the colder weather get the best of you. Summer will be here before you know it and youll have stuck to your plan -with new gains to show for it. Put in the hard work, and Iron Mon’s here to help you with the rest.

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