RIP Mike Matara zz o

RIP Mike Matara zz o
Published on Friday, March 20, 2015 by
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RIP Mike Matara zz o

American bodybuilder Mike Matarazzo passed away in August due to heart complications. Matarazzo (left) won the 1991 NPC USA Championships and competed at the Olympia seven times, the last time in 2001. A former boxer, he was forced to retire from bodybuilding after undergoing open heart surgery in 2004 and had continued heart problems, including a 2007 heart attack. He died at Stanford Hospital, California, where he was already in ICU awaiting a heart transplant.

“Mike, who was only 48 years old, had the best calves I’ve ever seen, and his guns weren’t far behind,” US Iron Man’s Lonnie Teper said via Facebook. “Always a true gentleman around me, a mass with class type of guy. The Gene Simmons tongue waggering to a front double bi was his signature pose. A great crowd favourite. Mike suffered a great deal in the past decade; he has now gone to a better place. Cone, but never forgotten.

Another gone way too soon. Vale, Mike.

Believe in Kai

Not many current pro bodybuilders could hold an audiences attention on a subject other than bodybuilding, but Kai Greene is no ordinary bodybuilder. In August the Olympia contender hosted a seven-hour seminar called ‘Believe’ in New York City.

This wasnt a seminar primarily about training or nutrition; Kai wanted rather to inspire people and share the lessons hes learnt and also to give his audience insights into the day-to-day struggles of someone who has turned his life around and achieved his goals against the odds.

1 just want to encourage you to recognise that you’ve gotta start somewhere,” Kai told Generation Iron Fitness Network. “Something as simple as getting a 99c sketch book from an arts supply store can be the beginning of realising or revisiting something that made you feel good and it’s important to recognise that when we are in the throes of our despair that the road back can begin by just remembering a time when things felt better.”

No word yet whether the seminar was a one-off or if we can expect more dates to pop up – who knows, maybe even internationally?



Props to Iron Man columnist Luke MASS McNally, whose commercial efforts via his Mass Nutrition stores have recently been recognised by esteemed publication Business Review Weekly (BRW). His efforts in quite literally building himself and his business up are both inspiring and compelling.

We certainly implore all readers to take a look at his story, which serves as a perfect example of how hard work and dedication will always win out. You can read the feature online here: http:// bit.lyMe2ebY.

Congratulations to some of our Australian athletes who competed at the recent IFBB Tampa Pro in Florida, USA. Kahla Bullemor, who has just started working with Milos Sarcev as her coach, placed fourth in her pro debut in the Women’s Professional, while Amanda Doherty did Melbourne proud by placing seventh in the Figure.

Expat Con Demetriou also placed 16th in the Men’s Pro Bodybuilding.

More proof that our athletes really are world class.

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