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Skullcap We’re focusing on the mad dog variety of skullcap (S. lateriflora), though several other types of Scutellaria native to the U S. are used medicinally

Skullcap is a plant that is easy to underestimate upon first meeting. A mint-family herb (genus Scutellaria) of small stature with tiny blue flowers, it is a plant with a quiet power.

Skullcap can be useful before family reunions or other events that can cause tension or anxiety: airports, traffic jams, real estate dealings, public speaking and so on. It helps to dial down the tone of the nervous system a notch, especially if one is prone to a hyper-aroused state (also known as being human*).

Skullcap’s bitter properties are useful in a more specific stress state: digestive constriction. A good example is sitting down to a meal in the presence of a trigger (such as eating in a hurry or after some bad news) that may cause your fight or-flight response to kick in. Skullcap can help unwind the gut tension enough to let you digest your dinner. And if you can’t dose it preventively, don’t fearpost-stressor skullcap can help soothe indigestion. gas.twitchiness and restlessness.perhaps combined with fennel seeds.catnip and chamomile.

Skullcap has flowering tops that can be made into a tincture or an elixir, or dried for an infusion. Two main properties of skullcap make it special: It is a relaxing and tonifying nervine (a term meaning “has an effect on the nervous system”), and its bitterness makes it useful as a digestive aid.

Skullcap doesn’t seem to put you down and out” the way other relaxing” herbs do. Rather, it simply helps remove resistance to the flow’the ability of the body’s natural energy to flow throughout the whole self without impediment. Skullcap can help to dissolve the energy blockages that arise day-to-day or worsen with stress, and to restore balance in the nervous system.

Skullcap’s restorative properties are beneficial, toothis herb can be used daily for sub-acute, chronic stress, with or without other herbs like milky oats, reishi or ashwagandha root, to help your nervous system adapt to changes and avoid problematic reactions before they start.

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